Development Regulations & Terminology

What is the FSI/FAR?
Floor Space Index (FSI)/Floor Area Ratio (FAR) measures the total development that can be undertaken in the specific land plot. It is calculated as total built up area divided by the total plot area. For e.g, an FSI of 1 signifies that a built up area of a 1,000 sq.ft. is available on the plot area of 1,000 sq.ft. Similarly an FSI of 0.75 signifies that only 750 sq.ft. of built up area is allowed on a plot area of 1,000 sq.ft.

What do you mean by Carpet Area / Built up Area / Super Built up Area?
Carpet Area – is the area enclosed within the walls, actual area to lay the carpet. This area does not include the thickness of the inner & outer walls. It is the actual usable and measurable area.

Built Up Area -is the carpet area plus the thickness of outer & inner walls

Super Built Up Area is the built up area plus proportionate area of common areas such as the lobby, lifts shaft, stairs, etc. of the building