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A reasonably priced home, good location, quality infrastructure with roads, schools, healthcare facilities, playgrounds, a neighborhood and a safe environment seems to contradict the current scenario of our cities. We keep envisaging a better lifestyle where we can think of growing up our children and taking care of our elders in a safe, serene, convenient and peaceful environment. Standalone buildings do not necessarily meet the basic needs of residents and offer education, health care and shopping infrastructure. Hence arises the need for a solution which gives a balanced mix of residential and commercial spaces alongside open spaces and range of activities to get engaged in. An integrated township will make available all of these which you aspire to have in a life of opportunities in the city.

Over the past few decades, population of Indian cities is growing exponentially and with this rapid growth urban India is facing daunting challenges in infrastructure including some of the basic as needs of shelter, education and health. According to the World bank, Indian population living in the cities will rise by 40% in the next couple of decades, from 380 million to a staggering 600 million. On one hand, cities present people with exciting opportunities of economic growth and revitalization, but on other hand, it can make people sick and tired of extreme traffic congestion, shortage of parking, very high pollution, crime, and other urban-related horrors.

An integrated township satisfies the earnest desire to live in a peaceful environment. Since these townships are specially designed for a significantly reduced density of population, quiet neighborhoods, very low but highly organized traffic and the lowest possible pollution levels, they deliver a zero crime rate and a safer environment for women, children and elders. Moreover, Integrated township is a boon to children as it provides superior, safer and more engaging facilities and makes it an ideal place to grow up. Also the serenity of green open spaces, facilities for community activities, security and healthcare make integrated townships the most desirable retirement destinations as well.

Importantly, integrated townships completely negate the possibility of unanticipated constructions in open areas – a major pain point for people who bought houses in inner city areas with views to scenic landscapes only to see those landscapes get obscured by a new project or building coming up later on. Integrated townships are the most enduring residential option and investment instrument that maintain incremental growth of its value over the entire life-cycle.

An integrated township has become a necessity of the present and the future while you bid farewell to the cramped, polluted and stressful inner city life and upgrade yourselves to the township life. Residing in it will make life easier and that’s what you as a home buyer want at the end of the day!

Olympeo, envisioned to bridge gap between affordability and lifestyle, is developing an integrated township “Olympeo-Riverside” in the extended suburbs of Mumbai.

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