Upcoming Real estate Investment destinations – Neral,Karjat, Mumbai Beyond Thane

The value of homes and mortgages in an area can determine the situation of the real estate market in the same area. The real estate market in India is growing up. There are states developing with good infrastructure and the markets looks competitive. This sector is divided into four segments like housing, retail, hospitality and […]

Transformed Futuristic Development – SMART CITIES

Integrated Township: An Affordable Approach to a Holistic Living

A reasonably priced home, good location, quality infrastructure with roads, schools, healthcare facilities, playgrounds, a neighborhood and a safe environment seems to contradict the current scenario of our cities. We keep envisaging a better lifestyle where we can think of growing up our children and taking care of our elders in a safe, serene, convenient and peaceful environment. Standalone buildings do not necessarily meet the basic needs of residents and offer education, health care and shopping infrastructure. Hence arises the need for a solution which gives a balanced mix of residential and commercial spaces alongside open spaces and range of activities to get engaged in. An integrated township will make available all of these which you aspire to have in a life of opportunities in the city. […]

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Top 5 reasons for buying residential property in Karjat

We all want to lead a comfortable life; a life that is full of bliss and happiness. From buying a car to going out for shopping, we wish for a joyous lifestyle, filled with cherishing experience. Among other factors, it also involves buying your own house, which you could call a home.

However, with so many factors plaguing modern living today – high cost of living, cramped spaces, inflation, stress etc., it becomes difficult to find an affordable space in a big city that meets all of your demands. […]

Residential project in Karjat: Top reasons to invest here

A latest report says supply of affordable homes in last two years in Mumbai is 4270 units. That is only 1% of the total demand! Apart from that, increase in land prices is driving customers away from Mumbai.

With such acute shortage of low-cost homes in Mumbai, consumers are headed to its outskirts in hope of finding an affordable home.