1605, 2017

How to value sustainable/ environmental friendly developments

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How to value sustainable/ environmental friendly developments
Center to urban developments, real estate is known to be consuming vast amount of physical resources. It is one of the major source of emission after automobile. As we speak about creating a sustainable future, real estate automatically holds a center stage. The staggering high percentage of carbon emission […]

2504, 2017

Factors Affecting Real Estate Market in India.

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Factors Affecting Real Estate Market in India.
As one of the most recognized sector in the world real estate ranks second. It is also in the largest employer category all around the world. Every year real estate market grows by at least 30 percent. There are four main sub sectors in real estate namely, retail, hospitality, […]

2403, 2017

When Is The Time To Buy Your First Home

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 Home is where the heart is!

At a certain stage of life, everyone in today’s world considers to build a home of his own. Gone are the days when the next generation used to consider the ancestral home as their own. With greater industrialization, better education facilities and the accessibility to the easier financial options Indians […]

203, 2017

Future of Mumbai City lies in the growth of its extended suburbs

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India today calls this city in one of its edition as “Bombay: City on the brink”!

Juxtaposed to the Arabian Sea, Mumbai city, has very little to move to its left at all. No wonder, with the ever spurting growth of population that Mumbai welcomes and has been courteous enough to house, it has no […]

802, 2017

Budget 2017 Impacts on Affordable housing

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Union budget 2017 and the Key pointers for Real Estate Sector
The curtains are raised and we have now a big picture of the Indian Economy right in
front of us with the rolling of Union Budget 2017.All eyes were set on the Union
Budget 2017, post the move of demonetisation by the Central Government of India.
The Union […]

1601, 2017

Is Other’s Money better than My Money ?

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I often wonder about the secrets of money making and I am sure that you do the same very often.  Why few people always seem to do better while lot of people struggle to find a way to make money? In the last few years, I have met many successful corporate, businessmen and investors across […]

1211, 2016

Positive Takeaways on Real Estate due to ban on 500 & 1000 notes

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Everyone is talking about how the Real Estate would be the worst hit sector due to demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes announced by Government of India on the 8th November, but amidst this chaos, there are a few positives that we can take from this historic declaration. It’s no secret that […]

608, 2016

GST- Will buying homes become easier?

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With the entire nation discussing about GST, it’s surely expected to have some relevance. Why are people actually discussing GST? Is it the hope of the improved economy? Are the prices going to drop after the implementation of GST? Will it ensure more transparency in the real estate sector? Will buying a home become easier? […]

3006, 2016

Housing for All:- Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

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The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is a scheme that visualizes the vision of Housing for All by the year 2022. The article incorporates different parts of the plan covering the recipients, qualification and the procedure for applying under the plan.
The administration of India had before propelled ‘Housing for All’ plan, which has now been […]

3105, 2016

Upcoming Real estate Investment destinations – Neral,Karjat, Mumbai Beyond Thane

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The value of homes and mortgages in an area can determine the situation of the real estate market in the same area. The real estate market in India is growing up. There are states developing with good infrastructure and the markets looks competitive. This sector is divided into four segments like housing, retail, hospitality and […]

1808, 2015

Buying Vs Renting

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1607, 2015

Mission Transparency in Realty

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907, 2015

Transformed Futuristic Development – SMART CITIES

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2506, 2015

Architectural Consultants & Consulting Engineers lead the path for Developer’s Vision

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2206, 2015

Rising Home Prices Vs “Affordability”

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