In India, while undertaking construction projects of Residential Projects , timely approvals at various stages are very critical & important tasks that decides how long will it take for its completion. On an average there are 37 Approval procedures involved before obtaining permission for undertaking construction. It clearly signifies that the procedure for obtaining clearances is time consuming and projects often get stalled due to delay in obtaining clearances from various agencies. Similarly, the approval process for housing projects is complex and a developer needs to get about 51 approvals from the respective state authorities and other agencies. There are few approvals like approval for Land use (use conversion in Master Plan), and Environmental clearance that consume most of the time and Dealing with construction permits consequently delay the projects. The duration for taking these specific approvals is about six months to one year and sometimes it stretches to two years especially for approvals related to land. Realizing, the importance of streamlining the approval procedure for obtaining clearances and making the same less cumbersome and transparent , we at OLYMPEO have all the required approvals in place so that there will be no delay in any phase beginning from construction to handover.