Imagine an address that's close to your every need and want. An address which gives you the power to not only make it on time to office, but also reach back home on time to tug in your loved ones. An address where every member of the family enjoys all the leisure’s and comforts of life at their disposal. So, here’s an opportunity to belong to an address that brings your world closer to you.


As an anchor and the most responsible person in the family, with Olympeo Neo City you can be rest assured of having taken the best decision of your life. One that would reap rich rewards in terms of affording a quality life for your loved ones, a better future for your child or even as a sound investment.


Every member of the family is dependent on you. You take care of the twist of details of the family. Everything needs be organised, however big or small, that’s why Olympeo Neo City is committed to making your life hassle-free. All the essentials are in place: 24x7 water&electricity, market, shopping centre and even school.


An international school, open spaces, better social environment, and a secured community. What more could you want for your child! That’s exactly what we provide at Olympeo Neo City for a bright future and a healthy growth of mind and body of your child.


A truly evolved society is the one that cares for its elders. After dedicating their entire life to your upbringing, it’s time to fulfil your obligation towards them. At Olympeo Neo City, we have a dedicated park amidst a pristine Nature Zone to provide them a relaxed, healthy, and blissful life that they deserve.