It has been disclosed by the Olympeo that the information and illustrations provided in this site are indicative of the kind of development proposed. Company has, to the best of its ability, taken into account various factors – both quantitative measures and qualitative assessments, in an unbiased manner, while developing these marketing collaterals. The change in the features of the project in interest of continuing improvement or subject to approval of authorities are possible. Any interior works, furniture or fittings etc. are shown in Marketing collaterals for reference and are not part of standard units. These marketing collaterals are neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy any flat in the Project. They should not, therefore, be the sole basis of buying/ purchase decisions. Any offering is made only pursuant to the relevant Agreement to sale and other related documents, all of which must be read in their entirety before making decision to buy in the Project.


A Joyfull Life Awaits You

Of all the coveted things in your life, a home unarguably, possesses utmost importance in both mind and heart. And rightly so, because nothing comes closer to the emotional value of owning a home. As you have conceived it, Olympeo Neo City is one such destination where owning a home is not only a matter of pride but also of immense satisfaction. It’s here that you’ll find the essentials for a purposeful and blissful life, for yourself and your loved ones.